24 Months Warranty – INCLUDED

A comprehensive level of cover for 24 months designed with the regular motorist in mind for all vehicles purchased from KV Cars Ltd subject to sales price being £2,000 and above.

Vehicles bought for below £2,000 still come with a 12 months warranty.

Unlimited  number of claims during the warranty period.  Each claim limited to £500 maximum payout.


Optional Warranty UPGRADE – 24 Months £270

As above, but claim limit is increased to £2,000

Cover includes wear and tear claims


Every Warranty Includes

One month free local breakdown cover

60 days free key insurance with






ENGINE: Mechanical breakdown of mechanical & electrical parts contained within the cylinder block and head assembly including rocker assembly valves (excluding burnt or pitted valves and decarbonising), guides, cylinder head, (excluding bolts, cracks and skimming), cylinder head gasket, push rods, camshaft, consequential damage caused by the cam belt breaking and cam followers, timing gears and non-serviceable chains and cylinder bores, connecting rods and bearings, flywheel and ring gear, inlet manifold.

GEARBOX – MANUAL & AUTOMATIC: Torque converter and electrical parts contained within the transmission casing.

FINAL DRIVE – FRONT, REAR & 4 WHEEL DRIVE: All mechanical & electrical parts contained within the gearbox, final drive or transfer box assemblies.

CASINGS: Engine, gearbox and transfer box casings are included providing they have been damaged and require replacement because of a covered component has suffered a Mechanical Breakdown covered by this warranty.

PROPSHAFT & DRIVE SHAFTS: Propellor shaft, centre bearing, Drive shafts, constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings, hubs and wheel bearings.

TURBO: Turbo when fitted as original equipment at the time of manufacture only.

CLUTCH: Mechanical breakdown of the clutch cover, drive plate, release bearing, dual mass flywheel, clutch fork, master cylinder and slave cylinder.

STEERING – POWER & MANUAL: Steering rack & pump, steering column, steering box, pressure pipes and hoses.

SUSPENSION: Coil springs & suspension pump only.

AIR CONDITIONING: Compressor, evaporator and receiver dryer.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Starter motor, alternator, all motors fitted as original equipment at the time of manufacture, electronic ignition module, ignition coil(s) and packs, horn, indicator flasher relay, voltage regulator, horn and the engine management unit.

FUEL SYSTEM: Mechanical Fuel pumps, injector pumps, carburettor, airflow sensor, automatic choke unit, potentiometer, tank sensor unit and warm up regulator.

BRAKING SYSTEM: Servo, ABS Pump and control unit, brake limiter valve, master cylinder, wheel cylinders and brake callipers (internal seal failure only).

COOLING SYSTEM: water pump, radiator, thermostat and housing, heater matrix, viscous fan coupling, cooling fan motor.

LABOUR COSTS: A maximum hourly labour rate of £50.00 (excluding VAT) can be claimed in connection with a repair covered by this warranty.

REPAIR LOCATION: Under the terms of this warranty,vehicle repairs can be performed at any mechanic nominated by you, subject to maximum hourly labour cost of £50.00+ VAT per hour

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