If anyone’s reading this as a potential buyer at Kings, have no fear

Tony & Liz Robinson - Toyota Regius
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Hi Kara, et al. Just had to let you know about “The Magic Bus”(Toyota Regius) we purchased from you in Feb. I know it’s been a while since then but we have been busy with it.

We’ve had a few picnics , putting captains chairs & table to good use. Also ,condensed all the seats & brought a load of furniture home. It’s been an impromptu friends ,school bus. Filled it with Band gear, musical instruments,amps ..& 5 members of band.

Versatility doesn’t stop there. Had tow bar fitted. Had LPG conversion done.(I’ll tell you more about that in a bit) Then 6 of us + trailer, went to Scotland. 1200 mile round trip. The Regius surpassed ALL of our expectations. The ease of driving,the all-round visibility(inc 2 sunroofs). Reliability.

The comfort and safety features have been the real eye opener, especially when , as you pointed out to us, the external dimensions are smaller than a Mondeo. Which helped on the single track roads & passing places.

Also, easier to park with the added benefit of the rear parking mirror. All in all such a fantastic, versatile,dependable vehicle. As you know we’d seen quite a few of these.

We’d also notched up a lot of time and mileage looking for the right one. When we finally found you, it was such a relief.

The help you all at KINGS VALLEY did, taking care of the registration, servicing, making it UK compliant,wax oiling, the assistance on offering the “right” warrantees, even to the CD player. It was unbelievable. We can’t thank you enough.

Also the help & advice you gave us after we’d bought it, on insurance, forums, sites. I wish we’d let you sort insurance out too in hindsight, but I felt like we’d already asked enough.

Still can’t believe how easy you made this purchase for us. When we where beginning to think we’d never get our much desired Magic bus, you took away all of our concerns and trepidations.

Again , many,many thanks. If anyone’s reading this as a potential buyer at Kings, have no fear, save your tires ,fuel and patience. These guys know their onions …. from their Hayashi. (japanese import joke).

They’ll make you feel part of the family.

Ps. I’d recommend the LPG conversion. with a 2.7 engine , 64p per litre(LPG) is a great help. It’s saved us hundreds so far & no doubt’ll save us thousands of £’s in the future.

Tony & Liz Robinson – Nottingham

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