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The Suzuki Every Landy name goes back to 2001, but its specific model actually started in 1999. It was originally called the Suzuki Every Plus, and was built as a large 7-seater MPV. The idea from Suzuki was to create a passenger version of their successful vehicle the Suzuki Carry. Production began in June 1999, and the name was changed to Every Landy in May 2001.

The Every Landy represented a considerable upgrade to previous related models. There were big differences in the engines, and the entire design received a big facelift. It was a popular van choice not only in the Japanese domestic market, but also for export where it found great success in both India, Chile, mainland China and Taiwan.

Key Stats for the Suzuki Every Landy (Every Plus – 1999-2005 in Japan)

Wheelbase: 2,350 (92.5”)
Length: Max 3,705 (145.9”)
Width: 1,505mm (59.3”)
Height: 1,905mm (75”)

Fuel efficiency: The Suzuki Every Landy is a very efficient van with an estimated consumption of 45mpg combined fuel efficiency on average.


The Every Landy is a descendent of a long line of vans and light trucks dating all the way back to 1961. The very first generation was called the FB Suzulight Carry, built as either a 2-door pickup or as a 3-/4-door van. It has since then evolved through an amazing 11 generations of development.

The Every Landy came through as part of the 10th generation, beginning in January 1999. By then, the Carry truck had become a distinct pickup-style truck, as well as a 5-door minibus style. Drivers and other residents of England may remember well one of the cousins of the Suzuki Carry, badged as the Bedford Rascal (later Vauxhall Rascal) van.

From 1999 to 2005, the Every Landy was assembled in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan as a compact, sleek people carrier and found great success in the domestic market. Its design bears many of the hallmarks of this type of Japanese MPV for the time — the slender compact frame, high roof, sporty detailing and additions etc. — and was very much a competitor of contemporaries such as the Honda Stepwgn, Daihatsu Atrai and the Mazda Bongo.

It has been sold under numerous names, especially for export. Names have included the Suzuki Carry 1.3, Mastervan, Ford Pronto P-RZ, Maruti Versa, Maruti Eeco and more.


When the Every Landy was released (then called Every Plus), it resembled the previous Suzuki Every in many ways. When the name was changed in 2001, however, it brought a significant facelift from the Every. For example, the front end was made larger, with an enlarged and chrome-finished grille. They also added a passenger entry/exit step, and the fog lights were changed for round ones.

Another upgrade to the Every Landy was the engine. It as fitted with a 1.3L G13B SOHC engine and a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. This was a considerable departure from the general 10th generation Suzuki Carry model, which only included a 657cc engine. The engine produced around 84hp and 84.8lb/ft of torque. The Every Landy is available in 4WD, which gives it great traction even in winter weather.

JDM importers often note the clear power advantage of the Suzuki Every Landy compared to similar vans. It makes it ideal for families heading on day trips to country areas where the drive might require more strength for uphill driving.

Features (Continued)

The seating includes two front seats, 2 more separated seats in the second row, and a further three more seats on the back row. This already makes it suitable for big families or as a commercial transport like a staff bus. The higher ceiling means that even people 6 feet tall or more can sit comfortably without touching the ceiling.

The interior also features fabric upholstery, driver and passenger airbag, with most also having air conditioning, electric windows and sunroof, dual sliding passenger doors (one on each side, and both have independent child locks). The rear seat can be folded down to create more boot space, and every seat has seat belts.

Sporty Additions

If you’re looking for an MPV with a bit of an athletic edge, then the Every Landy models very often come with alloys, over fenders and the rear spoiler which create that sleek and dynamic look that helps set these vans apart.

The sporty look shouldn’t distract from its great safety features, however, most of which we mention above — seat belts on all seats, passenger and driver air bags, child locks on both sliding doors, centralised driver control of all electric windows etc. This van was built for families.

Every Landy – the Versatile Superstar

If you’re a JDM import enthusiast, and looking for a versatile van suitable as a compact family car loaded with utility, or perhaps a work bus or other commercial use, then the Suzuki Every Landy is a great candidate. Get in touch with us today and find out more about our existing stock of JDM Every Landy vans.

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