Why the world loves a Nissan

In 2020, Nissan sits as one of the most successful and most trusted automotive brands in the world. With over 5 million units sold in 2019, people all over the world still turn to Nissan when they want stylish, reliable and innovative cars to enhance their lives. Don’t let the chic designs fool you, though, because Nissan is a company of heritage.

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Nissan Skyline

It all started with Datsun

The somewhat surprising humble beginnings of the Nissan brand start in Japan with one of the marques currently owned by Nissan group — Datsun. The earliest corporate entity formed connected to Nissan (and the first automobile manufacturer in Japan) was the Kaishinsha Motor Car Works. whose first car was the DAT. The early model name originated from the surnames of the three key investors (Den, Aoyama, Takeuchi). In 1931, with the creation of the Datsun Type 11, the addition of ‘sun’ was a reference to the word ‘son.’ Many viewed the Type 11 as a “son” of the early DAT models produced by the company.

Thus, began the complex series of domestic expansions, mergers and new company formations until the 1930s, when “Nissan” first appeared as a Tokyo Stock Exchange abbreviation for the group’s holding company, Nihon Sangyo. It didn’t take long for Nissan to become an international player, connecting with US automakers in the 1930s, developing into a US military supplier during the Korean War, followed by rapid expansion into both European and US markets from the late 1950s onwards.

The Nissans that won our hearts

It may seem an impossibility in that period; a Japanese company winning so many hearts and minds. The fact is that it didn’t take people long to realise the quality, efficiency and affordability of these cars, and that’s what people really want in the end.

Nissan were quick and astute in their analysis of the US market, for example, where they quickly realized the unmet need for compact, efficient alternatives to the traditional gas-guzzling American muscle cars. The Datsun Bluebird was among the first wave of Nissan-produced cars to take the market by storm. Not long after, Nissan was broadening its range with the inclusion of sleek and sporty roadsters like the Datsun Fairlady (Datsun Sports in US).

The company was laying down the roots of their brand image and influence in those early, heady days of international success. Just as the company amalgamated talents and corporate assets to form a better, stronger organisation, their designers took the best of their successful models and transplanted it into future generations. This is the heritage of Nissan that we are now benefiting from today whenever we open the door to a Qashqai, Juke, Tiida or any other of the eclectic range of past and present.

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Why the world loves a Nissan

When you understand where Nissan has come from, you start to see clearly why the brand is so consistently popular. Broadly speaking, there are five clear keys to Nissan’s popularity.

1. Attention to Detail

When you drive a Nissan, you’re in a machine that has been studied, analysed and doted over so meticulously that every nanometre is built with an explicit design and function. No part, however obscure, appears in your car without having first been carefully crafted and designed with your specific marketplace and needs in mind.

One of the best examples, explained by Nissan’s design engineers themselves, is the gas struts that hold the tailgate of the car open. Doubtless many out there have never even heard of this part, or cared that it was there, but luckily for you Nissan takes the care needed over these actually very important details. The gas in the struts is sensitive to different temperatures, meaning that a Nissan produced for the UK market will have completely different struts to the ones made for Qatar or Russia where the climates differ greatly.

That’s the attention to detail that people love.

2. Variety

It’s easy to say that “everyone loves a Nissan” because the range is so varied and eclectic that there’s something for all needs and desires. The family looking for a large, comfortable people carrier to navigate them through a complex web of school runs, activities, weekend days out and family holidays may find exactly what they’re looking for in the Nissan Elgrand. Those preferring the look of an SUV or crossover want the Nissan Qashqai. Drivers in the city in need of something compact and efficient go for the Nissan Cube. There’s something for everyone.

3. Built to Last, but Affordable

When you see the quality and durability of the individual parts as well as the overall Nissan vehicle, it’s hard to be surprised by the standard 5-year warranty that comes with many new Nissans. There are some, though, who have little need of the latest range of vehicles, since they are still drive their previously bought models like the Nissan Presage and Nissan Serena.

Thanks to a level of craftsmanship and well-made parts, which Nissan has successfully translated even into its mass-production capacity, a Nissan will take you through many years of happy and safe driving. Better yet, they never force you to break the bank or take on a debt mountain because despite their supreme quality, dependability and everything else, they remain among the best-value choices on the market.

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4. Stunning Aesthetic

The Nissan Brand goes far beyond just function, but also throws strong aesthetic value into the mix. With each model that emerges onto the market, Nissan will create different variants and styles to suit various aesthetic tastes. You only have to see the Nissan Impul Tiida, made available in Malaysia at first which features sports suspension, sportier alloys and exhaust and host of other features to fit its new ‘persona.’

Even cars that are successful and embraced in their first run will be updated, given facelifts, new styling and other enhancements, all because for Nissan, the journey is ongoing.

5. Adaptation

When a new Nissan is created, it frequently contains the “DNA” of its predecessor models in some form. Over their century and more history, the company has learned to prune away anything that doesn’t work, while keeping the flower of their brand alive and flourishing. The result can be subtle but critical changes like the expansion in space from the Nissan Cube to the Nissan Cubic, adding a subtle yet critical 17cm of space to allow a third row of seating. It can also be something more drastic like the new generation Juke, which features significant outer design change and new interior features like a built-in Bose sound system.

As for the future? We want more Nissan

The Nissan brand is a flagship of Japanese quality, style and reliability. It’s a car you invest in not for a year of use or even three years, but perhaps a decade or more. It’s unbeatable quality wrapped up in a beautiful aesthetic and stuffed chock full of the best-available durable parts and high-tech features. It’s all the car you need and more.

Nissan Car Models

  • Cube
  • Cubic
  • Elgrand
  • Largo
  • Mistral
  • Presage
  • Serena
  • Skyline
  • Terrano
  • Tiida

Take time to explore our own range of Nissan import cars and find a great-value family car that will help you live the strong and innovative message of this great Japanese brand.

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