The Mitsuoka Galue is yet another in a long line of unique and distinctive Japanese imports cars that are made by Mitsuoka. Like its many charming brethren, the Mitsuoka Galue is based initially on another Japanese model — with some exceptions in the case of the Galue — usually a Nissan. It is then further augmented with more ornate flourishes, typically inspired by British and American cars.

Inspirations Behind the Mitsuoka Galue

The Galue has had a long production run and continues to be a part of the Mitsuoka range. It was first unveiled for the 1996 model year, and its first series created 3 different model generations: the Galue-I, Galue-II, Galue-III. A fourth model, the Galue Convertible, was also created for a limited market.

Interestingly, though part of the same first series, each had a different Nissan or other vehicle as its main build foundation:

• The Galue-I was based upon the Nissan Crew
• The Galue-II was based upon the Nissan Cedric Y34
• The Galue-III was based upon the Nissan Fuga (Y50)
• The Galue Convertible was based upon the Ford Mustang

Mitsuoka Galue For Sale UK
2002 Mitsuoka Galue Nissan 2.0 Bentley R Type Replica

Key Stats First-Generation Mitsuoka Galue Sedan (1998)

Wheelbase: 2,665mm
Length: 4,860mm
Width: 1,730mm
Height: 1,450mm
Curb Weight: 1,285kg

Key Stats for the Second-Generation Mitsuoka Galue Sedan (2001)

Wheelbase: 2,800mm
Length: 5,060mm
Width: 1,770mm
Height: 1,450mm
Curb Weight: 1,620kg

Key Stats for the Third-Generation Mitsuoka Galue Sedan (2005)

Wheelbase: 2,900mm
Length: 5,000mm
Width: 1,795mm
Height: 1,510mm
Curb Weight: 1,650kg


The Convertible was initially made for the Chinese market, and did share some design elements with the Galue-III saloon, but gained its real power and spirit from the 4.0L V6 and 4.8L V8 engines that is shared with none other than the Ford Mustang.

The later models, the fourth and fifth generations, were based largely on Nissan Teana models, the J32 for the fourth generation (third series) and the L33 for the fifth generation (fourth series). What sets all the Galue models apart, regardless of their foundation, is their old-world British styling, particularly at the front end.

Mitsuoka Galue Japanese Import Cars
1999 Mitsuoka Galue 2.0 Nissan Bentley R Type Replica 4 DR Saloon
Mitsuoka Galue Used

Old-World British Styling

Where cars like the Ryoga and Viewt took their inspiration from early Jaguar models, the Galue is clearly taking its lead from the likes of the Bentley Eight, Bentley R-Type, as well as some continuation of the Jaguar theme. We know already that the company’s founder was a serial Anglophile, especially when it came to cars. Another distinctive feature is the elongated front end, also reminiscent of one of these prestige British grand tourer cars that are normally synonymous with royalty and aristocracy.

While the grille is among the most noticeable features, you also can’t help but take note of the striking front ornament of the star emblem. The interesting mix of straight lines and curves, depending on generation, is also a feature that makes the Galue one of the finest examples of Mitsuoka finery that JDM enthusiasts love.

Unique Naming and Numbering

Not satisfied with having among the most unique styling in any JDM models for sale in the UK, the Mitsuoka Galue is also blessed with a somewhat unique system of model numbering that can make it tricky for uninitiated buyers to be sure of what they’re getting. Rather than a simple and straightforward new model taking over from an old model, there was a lot of overlapping in production, which led the company to create its own numbering system.

In short, whenever there was a new Galue available, and it was the only Galue available, then it was simply known as the Mitsuoka Galue. When there were two or more models available in the same year, they were numbered. So, for example in 1996 the first Galue based on the Nissan Crew was simply called the Galue. When the Nissan Cedric-inspired Galue-II was released in 1999, however, the original Galue (still in production) was called the Galue-I. By 2006, the Nissan Fuga-based Galue III was released, but it was initially also just called “Galue” because there were no other models in production at that time. That changed to Galue-III at the emergence of the smaller Toyota-based Galue 204.

If you were confused by that, don’t worry. The main thing to remember is that when the Mitsuoka Galue is badged simply as a “Galue” it does not necessarily make it among the first-generation models. It might well be a Galue-III that was released from 2006-2008.

Mitsuoka Galue Japanese Import
Mitsuoka Galue Used Car

Galue Interiors

In its long run, the Galue has seen a lot of different interior styles. If you were to buy a brand-new one in Japan, you’d find immaculate touchscreens, sumptuous leather and modern metropolitan sheen. In the 1996 model, for instance, you find quite typical grey leather-feel steering wheel, but also some charming dark-wood veneer finish across the dash for that splash of old-world colour.

With so many generations from 1996 to the present, and different models within each generation, the Galue is a real rainbow of choice when it comes to both interior and exterior style. The fact that every new model was based on a different Nissan or other model helps each one to have its own unique character among the range.

Mitsuoka Galue: The JDM Importers Dream

When it comes to Japanese imports car for sale in the UK, the Galue, like many of its Mitsuoka siblings, is a remarkable and stand-out example of a unique, hand-crafted vehicle that is, among other things, the ultimate statement of individuality. The relatively low production numbers of Mitsuoka cars make them fairly rare anywhere you are in the world, and so when you want your car to reflect your personality, there’s no statement bolder than the Mitsuoka Galue.

Bring some old-world charm, as well as surprisingly up-to-date interiors — models after 2000 often had computer screens, for example — from Japan to your driving life. Explore our range of Mitsuoka Galue Japanese imports to UK, and make this your next JDM purchase,

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