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ALL of our petrol fuel cars require E5 unleaded petrol, or Super Unleaded petrol.From point of sale it takes approximately 2 weeks to register the vehicle with DVLA, within that 2 weeks we aim to have all the other work carried out. Campervans may take longer dependent on conversion.   Note: This information is not applicable to part exchange vehicles sold by KV Cars Ltd. - 24 months warranty which covers you anywhere in the UK   - 12 months M.O.T with NO advisories   - Oil & air filter change   - New timing belt if required   - New fog lamp   - Ba [...]
One of the top reasons people explore a Japanese Domestic Market import selection is to find some of the many, many people carriers, MPVs and similar vehicles that Japanese companies like Nissan made for themselves and didn’t share with the rest of us. Better yet, because they’re from Japan, they even come ready to drive on the correct side of the road! The Nissan Elgrand is a particularly good example of a very premium Japanese-market car for a reasonable price in the UK and enjoy the benefits. The Elgrand was often used by the well-to-do in Japan since the dimensions fell outside of the regulations. This is why you’re getting something that’s more premium, because it’s designed for high-income drivers, and yet those restrictions don’t apply in the UK.   Essential Stats for the Nissan Elgrand Key Stats for the First-Generation Nissan Elgrand (1997) Wheelbase: N/A Length: 4,740-5,640mm Wid [...]
The flagship saloon of the Subaru range, the Subaru Legacy has been a part of the Subaru range since 1989. It became famous the world over as the mainstream flagship saloon car that was offered to us with all-wheel drive as a standard feature on all variants. In some markets, this car was known as the Liberty, so if you’re unfamiliar with the name Legacy --- especially the Australian market --- then that’s why. Essential Stats For The Subaru Legacy Below are the key stats that show you the evolution of this iconic flagship saloon/estate since the end of the 1980s when it first emerged: Key Stats for the First-Generation Subaru Legacy (1989) Wheelbase: 2,580mm Length: 4,510-4,620mm Width: 1,690mm Height: 1,360-1,440mm Curb Weight: 1,460kg Key Stats for the Second-Generation Subaru Legacy (1993) [...]
The Subaru Impreza is one of the most famous of all Subaru models, and since starting production in 1992, it continues to be a flagship compact model of the range, having gained global popularity. The Subaru Impreza actually uses the same basic platform as the Subaru Forester, and over the years has been developed into a truly eclectic range with enough generations and styles to form an entire marque of its own. Essential Stats For The Subaru Impreza Key Stats for the First-Generation Subaru Impreza (1992) Wheelbase: 2,520mm Length: 4,340mm Width: 1,690mm Height: Max. 1,405mm Curb Weight: 1,220kg Key Stats for the Second-Generation Subaru Impreza (2000) Wheelbase: 2,525mm Length: 4,415mm Width: 1,730mm (Saloon); 1,695mm (Es [...]
One of the earliest examples of a compact crossover SUV, the Subaru Forester is an excellent example of the prescience of Subaru in recognizing the potential for this kind of vehicle. When you look at how the market is now being somewhat saturated with new compact and other crossover options, it’s interesting to look at back at one of the earlier examples. The Forester is a front-ending 4WD model, built exclusively as a 5-door SUV. It first arrived on the scenes back in 1997 and is still in production today, with the 2021 variant featuring, for the first time, a hybrid model option. Essential Stats: Key Stats for the First-Generation Subaru Forester (1997) Wheelbase: 2,525mm Length: 4,450mm (’97-’00); 4,460mm (’00-’02) Width: 1,735mm Height: Max. 1,650mm Curb Weight: 1,430kg Key Stats for the Secon [...]
In a sea of Japanese competition, Subaru has always strived to be a standout brand. Using their unique engineering, targeted marketing and focused strategy of development goals, the brand has spent around 7 decades since its founding in 1953 developing such beloved names as the Subaru Forester, Impreza and Legacy. How did this former aircraft company come to be among the 23rd largest automotive company in the world (just behind Mazda)? In today’s article, we’ll learn more about Subaru and what makes it such a popular choice for Japanese imports for sale in the UK. Subaru: Company Background As it currently stands, the company “Subaru” is the automobile division of a larger conglomerate, the Subaru Corporation. This parent company was known as Fuji Heavy Industries until as recently as 2017. The parent company has a huge portfolio extending far beyond cars. Just as Toyota has many interests in the world of finance and banking, Subaru has alternative interests in transport. Fuji’s roots go back to 1 [...]
The Mitsubish Pajero isn’t just one of the longest-running Mitsubishi models out there, but also one of the longest running SUVs still in production going into the 2020's. Unfortunately for those looking to buy a brand-new Pajero, the opportunity in 2021 could be the last, since Mitsubishi announced that the 2021 model year was to be the final one for the Pajero SUV. Below you can learn more about this iconic Japanese SUV, it’s mini-SUV partner, the Pajero Junior, the racing heritage behind the Pajero name, and just what makes the Pajero such a great candidate for Japanese imports for sale in the UK. Essential Stats Here are some must-know stats showing the development of the Mitsubishi Pajero over time: Key Stats for the First-Generation Mitsubishi Pajero (1982) Wheelbase: 2,695mm (5-door); 2,350mm (3-door) Length: 4,650mm (5-door); 3,994mm (3-door) Width: 1,679-1,692mm He [...]

Unlike some of the more niche JDM brands that you’ll find in the Japanese imports market, like Mitsuoka for example, Mitsubishi is a hugely recognizable brand name. The company, based out of Minato, Tokyo, Japan has a long history dating back half a century. While not as old as some of the other “big boys” in Japan like Toyota, Honda and Nissan that can trace their histories back to as early as the 1930s, Mitsubishi nonetheless has a detailed and colourful history, and while not formally trading as Mitsubishi Motors until 1970, has experience in the automotive sector going all the way back to 1917.

Mitsubishi Cars In The UK

Mitsubishi models of many stripes are already available in the UK, but one thing that Mitsubishi does share with its Japanese compatriot companies is that there are still yet more models that are kept back initially for the domestic market that we for years may have no access to unless we happened to move to Japan ourselves. Thanks to the marvels of JDM imports and a whole new automotive marketplace like this one, we can now share in at least some of these models.

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